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2020-2021 OGT Test Administration Manual /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM.pdf
Appendix A: Test Security Provisions /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixA.pdf
Appendix B: Oral Translation and Human Read Reader /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixB.pdf
Appendix C: Non-Disclosure Agreement for Translators /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixC.pdf
Appendix D: Calculator Policies /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixD.pdf
Appendix E: Troublshooting for Online Testing /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixE.pdf
Appendix F: Summary of Additional Resources /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixF.pdf
Appendix G: Test Incident Guidance Document /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixG.pdf
Appendix H: OGT Reporting Information /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixH.pdf
Appendix I: Test Coordinator Checklist /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixI.pdf
Appendix J: Test Administrator Checklist /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixJ.pdf
Appendix K: Online Testing Highlights and Script /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixK.pdf
Appendix L: Supplemental Instructions for Paper Accommodations /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixL.pdf
Appendix M: Instructions for Braille and Large Print Test Booklets Usage /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixM.pdf
Appendix N: Oral Translation and Human Reader Accommodations Using Paper Test Booklets /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixN.pdf
Appendix O: Instructions Regarding Receipt and Return of Test Booklets /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixO.pdf
Appendix P: Directions and Scripts for Paper Administrations /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT_2020-2021_TAM_AppendixP.pdf

Ohio Graduations Tests - Test Administration Manual

The Ohio Graduation Tests - Test Administration Manual (OGT-TAM) covers policies and procedures for districts and schools that are administering the OGT. District test coordinators, building test coordinators and test administrators must review the information in this manual prior to testing.

The OGT-TAM also includes a series of appendices that can be downloaded as part of the manual or separately. The appendices cover important policy and procedure topics such as accommodations and calculators. The appendix also includes guidance documents, such as the Test Incident Guidance Document. Lastly, the appendix includes a series of checklists, including the District Test Coordinator Checklist and Test Administrator Checklist.

OGT Data Entry Interface User Guide /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/2020-2021_OGT_DEI_User_Guide.pdf

Ohio Graduation Tests Data Entry Interface User Guide

The Ohio Graduation Tests Data Entry Interface User Guide should be reviewed by individuals that will be administering the OGT using the accommodated paper forms. Step-by-step instructions for accessing the site and submitting student responses into the Data Entry Interface can be found in this User Guide.

OGT District Student Results File Layout 2020-2021 /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT-District-Student-Results-File-Layout_2020-2021.pdf
OGT District Student Results File Layout 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT-District-Student-Results-File-Layout_2019-2020.pdf
OGT District Student Results File Layout 2018-2019 /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OGT-District-Student-Results-File-Layout_2018-2019.pdf

OGT District Student Results File Layout

This document contains the OGT file layout for the downloadable files available in the Online Reporting System.

Success Site

The Success Site can be used by testers to take an OGT practice test online, review OGT sample content and review OGT released items from previous administrations.

Educators can use the Success Site to build practice OGT tests, review released questions and for training purposes score constructed response questions.