Resource Types


There are two ways to find a resource:

  1. Select a folder category in the left hand pane. Resources in the folder will display in this pane.
  2. Enter a key word or phrase in the Search Resources text box and press [Enter]. Resources that match the key word you entered will display in this pane.
Folder Sub-Folder Resources at a Glance
Student Practice Resources Student Tutorials and Tools Student testing site tutorials and tutorials for the online tools that are embedded within the Student Practice Site and Student Testing Site, Practice Test Guidance Document
English Language Arts Writing rubrics, sample item answer keys, scoring guides
Mathematics Math sample item answer keys, calculator policy, online calculators, math reference sheets, equation tutorial, marking grids on paper tests, scoring guides
Science Scientific Calculator Policy, online calculator, reference sheet, Practice Tests, Scoring Guides, Answer Documents
Social Studies Practice Tests, Scoring Guides, Answer Documents
Administration Manuals & Guidance Documents N/A Ohio Accessibility Manual, Testing Times, Infrastructure Trial Guidance, User Management Guidance Document, etc.
Online System Resources* TIDE Support Documents Pre-ID file layout, Student Settings Upload Template, Online User Role Matrix, TIDE Tasks for Test Coordinators, etc.
ORS Support Documents Online Reporting System User Guide, Online Reporting System Quick Guide, Downloading Student Data File Guidance, Downloadable Data File Layout, Understanding Score Reports,
User Guides Test Administrator User Guide, TIDE User Guide, Online Reporting System User Guide
Tutorials Test Administrator Certification Course, TIDE Tutorials, ORS Tutorials
Technology Resources* N/A Online System Requirements, Technical Specifications Manual, Secure Browser Installation Manual, Long Term Support Plan
General Resources N/A Blueprints and Test Specifications, Understanding Score Reports, Sample Demographic Pages
Reporting Resources N/A Performance Standards, Performance Level Descriptors, Family Reports Interpretive Guide, Downloadable Data File Layout, Understanding Score Reports, Discrepancy Resolution Guidance, Rescores and Verifications Guidance, etc.
Technical Reports N/A Annual Technical Reports, Standard Setting Technical Reports, Mode Comparability Technical Reports
OELPA Resources N/A OELPA manuals, headset orders, materials order and pre-ID guidance, webinar recordings

*The resources in the Online System Resources and Technology Resources folders are applicable to both Ohio’s State Tests and the Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA).