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  • Family Reports for OST Fall 2019 HS EOC and Spring 2020 OELPA to be Delivered  Monday, August 3

    Due to the ordered school-building closure, the shipment of Family Reports for the fall 2019 high school end-of-course test administration and the spring 2020 Ohio English Learner Proficiency Assessment (OELPA) were being held.

    The printed family score reports for both test administrations will be delivered to districts on Monday, August 3. As a reminder, these are secure documents that require proper storage and distribution. Districts and schools should arrange for staff to be available to sign for the delivery on Monday, August 3.

    Added July 13, 2020
  • Secure Browsers for 2020-2021

    Secure Browser version 12.5 for desktop and laptop devices is available to download from the Secure Browsers page of the portal. Version 12.5 of the secure browser is the only version that can be used beginning Sept. 1. Older versions of the secure browser installed on desktop and laptop devices cannot be used for secure student testing after Aug. 31.

    The new version of the Secure Test App for Chromebooks and iPads is not yet available. Please watch for future communication on the release of an updated Secure Test App for these platforms.

    Technical Documentation for 2020-2021

    With the release of Secure Browser v12.5 for desktops and laptops, the corresponding technical documents have been updated for 2020-2021 and can be found on the Technology Coordinator page of the portal. The Quick Guide for Setting Up Your Online Testing Technology is a one stop shop for information on installing and using the Secure Browser and Secure Test App, as well as information on preparing computers and tablets for online testing. Many schools and district should find this document covers all technology topics needed to prepare for testing.

    For schools and districts that need additional information, each of the following documents provides greater detail for the indicated operating system:

    • Technology Guide for Linux
    • Technology Guide for Mac
    • Technology Guide for Windows

    Updated Technology Guides for Chromebooks and iPads will be posted when the corresponding Secure Test Apps are released.

    Lastly, the Long Term Support Plan has also been updated. It provides information about support end dates for operating systems and devices to assist districts with long term technology planning.

    Added July 8, 2020
  • 2020-2021 AASCD Online Practice Test Updates

    The AASCD online practice tests have been updated going into the 2020-2021 school year. These updates include:

    • Number of questions per test has been increased to 20
    • No longer required to enter a password to exit full screen mode
    • Each practice test is comprised of two segments to mirror the AASCD administration
      • Segment one - contains 4 items to account for the early stopping rule
      • Segment two – contains the remaining 16 items
    • Item-level scoring available for each question
    • Score summary available at the end of each practice test

    Users can access the Student Practice Site from the AASCD test portal via a supported web browser, or by selecting “Take a Practice Test” from the bottom left of the Secure Browser or Secure Test App. The Practice Test Site allows users to experience the sign-in process, navigate the online testing system, use the available tools and features and become familiar with online testing. Administrators can access the TA Practice Site on the AASCD test portal to experience starting a session, approving students to test and to become familiar with online testing.

    The 2020-2021 AASCD Practice Site Guidance Document provides information on using the online practice site. This document, as well as the AASCD Practice Test Scoring Guides is available on the AASCD test portal under Student Practice Resources. These scoring guides provide the extended standard, item target level, access limitations, answer key, reporting category and notes on scoring information for each item on the AASCD online practice tests.

    Added June 30, 2020
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This portal is your source for information about Ohio’s State Tests in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.